Car Details


  • AED 600 DAILY
  • AED 3150 WEEKLY
  • AED 12000 MONTHLY

Car Features

  • ABS
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Air Suspension
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Bluetooth
  • Built in GPS
  • Cruise Control
  • Fabric Seats
  • FM Radio
  • Front & Rear Airbags
  • Front Air Bags
  • Leather Seats
  • Parking Assist
  • Parking Sensors
  • Power Door Locks
  • Power Mirrors
  • Power Windows
  • Premium Audio
  • Push Button Ignition
  • Rear AC
  • Reverse Camera
  • SRS Airbags
  • Steering Assist
  • Sunroof/Moonroof
  • Tinted Windows
  • Touchscreen LCD
  • USB

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Rent Chevrolet Tahoe at AL Safeer in Dubai 

You can easily rent a Chevrolet Tahoe from Al Safeer in Dubai. This big car has lots of space for you, your friends, and your family. It has three rows of seats and a big trunk for your things. The Tahoe is strong and drives well. You can go anywhere in Dubai and other places in this car. Book your car now and have fun traveling  in a nice, comfortable car.

Cool Stuff About the Chevrolet Tahoe 

The Tahoe is a very popular SUV because of its properties such as spaciousness, capability, and advanced features. Here are some of the best properties of the car:

  • Towing Help with special features 
The Tahoe has a special feature in the form of a camera to look behind and an app that helps you keep track of maintenance.
  • Built-in entertainment system
This new vehicle has Google's built-in entertainment system that provides you comfort when using your Google account and apps in the car. You can even use your voice to control things without using your hands.
  • Info Display
The car has a special display that shows speed, directions, and other important driving things right on the windshield. This helps you see what you need without looking away from the road.
  • Strong Engines
The Tahoe has very strong engine options, with up to 420 horsepower along with excellent fuel efficiency.
  • Lots of Room
The car has a very spacious inside with a capacity of  9 people and a large amount of space for things. The seats can fold in different ways to fit whatever you need to carry.
  • Safety Features
The Tahoe comes with great safety features such as an automatic emergency brake system and lane assisting system. There are also extra safety options like cruise control to help keep you safe on the road.

Some Extra Features are also present as follows 

  • Ambient lighting
  • Sunroof 
  • Power windows and locks
  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • Cruise control
  • Rear seat entertainment system
  • Ride quality 
  • Unique styling 
  • Connectivity

AL Safeer More Than Just a Car Rental 

AL Safeer is not only a car rental service in Dubai but also your car partner on the road with a wide variety of cars, convenient delivery, affordable prices, and friendly, helpful staff, AL Safeer makes renting a car in Dubai much easier. Experience high-quality service and drive the best.

Key Qualities to Look for in a Renting Company

When renting a car always choose a company that has all these things such as choice, convenience, fair prices, and excellent service. Look for a rental company that puts your needs first and makes the whole process easy. Here are 10 important things to look for when renting a car:
  1. Variety of cars and their proper maintenance 
  2. Convenient places to rent the car, and they can even bring it to you
  3. You have the ability to rent the car as for as long as you need it
  4. Fair prices with no hidden fees
  5. Great customer service to help you
  6. Easy process to book the car, online or by visiting the business sites 
  7. Good insurance coverage options
  8. Rewards program and discounts if you are a regular customer.
  9. Environmentally-friendly cars and practices
  10. Positive reviews and a good reputation

Best Rental Service in Dubai  

Al Safeer Car Rental always proves to be the best for a selection of high-quality luxury cars for rent in Dubai such as  Tahoe along with fancy sedans, powerful SUVs, and cool sports cars. Renting from them is easy  you can book online or talk to their friendly staff, who will help you pick the perfect luxury vehicle and make sure your rental goes smoothly, with convenient delivery and flexible rental periods.

Rent Chevrolet Tahoe Today

Book your Chevrolet Tahoe today and enjoy a comfortable and stylish ride with advanced features. the Tahoe is the best choice for any business family routine outing or daily use. You  don't have to wait reserve your best car now and drive with confidence
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